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Receiving with No Glove- -A drill that is used by most catching instructors.  Rule # 1 is to always catch the ball.  Without the aid of a glove, one must be able to concentrate on catching the ball no matter where it is and no matter what the size.  Many instructors use different weighted and sized balls ranging from golf balls to softballs with everything in between.
Keeping balance and posture during the drill is important.  The head should not be diving around to help catch the ball. The legs and the eyes move the hand to the position where the ball is. 


For added difficulty the Catch and Throw staff uses two other kinds of implements to help challenge the athletes. 


Receiving with No Glove on Dyna Discs Same as receiving with no glove except on Dyna Discs for added balance issues.  Learning to counterbalance will make catching on flat ground easy for the catcher.


Finger Glove Training - The neoprene webbing simulates where the ball should be caught in the glove.  Catch and Throw uses smaller baseballs and underhand throws the ball to the catchers.


Finger Glove Training on Dyna Discs The added pressure of maintaining balance on dyna discs makes catching the ball with balance much harder.  Learning how to counterbalance the body on an unstable environment makes catching much harder. 


Rapid Fire Receiving Drill-This drill can be done with a partner, coach, or instructor. The purpose of the drill is to work on balance and counterbalancing, relaxation, concentration, and receiving the ball softly so that you are able to react quickly to the next ball thrown.  This drill can be done full distance at the beginning.  Have the partner gradually move closer to quicken up the reaction time of the catcher.  Once the ball is received, the next ball is thrown. 10-15 repetitions per set with 2-3 sets.


Working up to catching a bullpen with a glove on the Dyna Discs is the ultimate balance test.

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